Thursday, September 20, 2007

GPP Street Team Crusade #12: Crushes

After a long and laborious thought process, I came to realize that I've got a crush on Michelle Ward! Yes, Michelle, I have a crush on you. (In a respectible way) I love her style. I feel as though I can relate to her. Her rubber stamp imagery really reaches me! Like, every sheet of rubber is something I surely cannot live without!! I admire her achievements as an artist, and she is so inspirational to me. Her influences are similar to mine. She's my idol I suppose! A little while ago I bought 3 sheets of her unmounted rubber stamps - and they are too cool for school!! I have been exploring all the different images, and using the hell out of them. I have shown you above a selection of my stuff using the Green Pepper Press stamps. All of them are from the last couple of weeks.
And oh yeah - I thought of another obsession of mine: ADHESIVES. My grandmother would be proud of my prowess in the ways of sticking one thing to another thing. I've got an adhesive for any occasion. You name it. If I had to name a favorite, I'd have to say Diamond Glaze - that stuff is amazing! Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate" is in close second.


Dieverdog said...

Wow, Mary... what awesome art... I love what you've done. Love the images and feel of them.

That's so cool you are a tattoo artist... they intrigue me so much. I'll be back to see what you are up to for sure.

michelle ward said...

Ah shucks. You are too cute. From the minute we met it has been fun getting to know you and I am certain someday we will meet since you are only a few hours from me. If nothing else, I'll make an appointment for a tattoo :) Thanks for joining in the crusade. Love your recent work!!!

sarah D said...

Gorgeous work mary wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...these are all stunning. Love the house one at the bottom.

Kathy mccreedy said...

Hi Mary...
looking through your great artwork and stumbled on your comments re: adhesives. I had to laugh out loud... I too obsess over adhesives, though I've never really used Diamond Glaze, even though I own it! I thought I'd found heaven when I found YES! brand glue for adhering really lightweight paper to other paper (some glue will make the paper buckle). The only problem with YES glue is it's application... wish they'd make it in a stick form! You're artwork is beautiful! All my best!

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