Saturday, November 11, 2006

How do I prioritize???

Every day or two I click on my blog here and just look at it, somehow expecting that a new post has made it up there...I've been amidst a move, my studio is all in boxes, and my desk consists of this laptop sitting on a couple of boxes with another box as a chair. There are so many projects around this new house that require my attention - like getting the kitchen functional, and the kids' rooms unpacked so they have a place to go out of our way. But all I want to do is play with my stuff. There's a ton of boxes of art supplies I haven't seen since I packed them a year ago, and I'm dying to dive into them. There are some scrapbook challenges I want to participate in. Outlaw Scrappers has been suffering my neglect lately. And I'm in the middle of how many projects...Everything is so chaotic right now, it feels as though nothing will be working smoothly any time soon. And every time a deadline passes, I feel remorse for not getting it done, even though there isn't anything compelling me to do it except me, myself, and I. The world will go on just fine without me finishing this or that layout on time. There will be plenty of other contests, challenges, DT calls - I'll still be able to put myself out there after my work here at gome is finished - but still I feel compelled...

And then what happens if I happen to go into labor in the middle of all this? I certainly do not have time for any of that at the moment!

Yes, a new entity in the family. All of our roles in the home will be forever shifted when she is born. My focus will change to seeing to this newborn child who will show up amongst all the goings on here at home. What ever shall I do, when there is already not enough time in the day? I dread I'll never really feel rested in the morning when I arise. And that being said, here I sit in the corner, at my computer, clicking away as much as I can before I'm found out and have to get back to work!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mary's Words

Mary's Words
Here is my layout for the latest challenge from Beyond Appearances. The challenge is: "I Really Shouldn't..." I thought long and hard about all the things I really shouldn't be doing - and there is a lot to choose from, I tell you that! I didn't want to be negative in this piece, so I came up with the concept that I really should never take anything for granted, namely my family. I of all people know, first hand, that it all could be gone in a moment, just like that. I have experienced the loss of something I cherish, having it slip through my fingers, having to suffer without something that is dear to me in every sense. I have learned that I should never, ever take what I hold dear for granted. The things in life that truly matter must be worked for, and worked to keep. Something like family is a constant responsibility to work at - it just doesn't get there and work smoothly without a lot of commitment and attention, give and take, compromise, and putting others before myself. Having lived with my family scattered about, not all under one roof where they belong - that made me think about all it takes to really make it work. To take for granted that they will always be there, and that we will have a successful home life - that is a very shallow and vain state of mind. I embrace all it takes to make it work, and I wholeheartedly commit myself to having my family be first priority in my life. Everything could so easily be gone in an instant. Therefore I value every moment we have, and am thankful for all of us being together, healthy, and able to experience real unity and love. I thank God every day for the gifts he has given me.