Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Week 3 fINDING yOU

This is my week 3's assignment for Finding You. This one was intense for me because I'm putting it all there in black and white - what I want and what I need to do to get it. But I actually have several factors working against me. Which raises the question:

what if I fail??

There's so much riding on this particular "want" of mine - the well being of my kids for one, and my future financial stability (or lack thereof) for two...I decided to use the "Follow Your Muse" title, because as I look back on my life, I see that all the major decisions I have made from MY GUT - you know those choices that come from within somewhere - they have been the most successful ones. When I decide to do something "because" - like a whim but not really - like my inner voice is speaking to me. Those are the good ones. Maybe it's my MUSE telling me to do these things. If that's the case, then my muse is a very smart person. I think I'll trust her.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Week 2 Finding YOU

This is my week 2's assignment for the Finding You workshop. A very thought provoking question ; about where and what do I want in the near future. As I pondered it, I kept going back to the needs of my family - even the things that seemed personal in nature were actually related to the future and security of my family.
It's funny, when we become parents - we cease to be the center of the universe - because our children take that place! The most important thing for me - is that I long for independence and financial security. I want to open my own business - to teach my kids that they can do anything they want, that they can do what they love for a living. To be one's own boss is the most liberating thing - so empowering. That is my dream - to have my business, to support us with it. That's all I want...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fun with alcohol inks and transparency!

Isn't this one a dandy? I surprised myself with the wonderful results. And as usual with my nicest stuff, I gave it away...

Today would have been my father's 64th birthday. I cried every time I thought of it, a whole bunch of times throughout the day. Just how long is this mourning process supposed to last? It's been well over a year and still I feel so raw. I miss him so much - maybe even more than I did a year ago. And what's up with the thing how we tend to cloud reality by only remembering the greatest stuff about a loved one after they die, and forget all the painful parts? Me and my Dad had far from a perfect father-daughter relationship. But now that he's dead, all I can think of is how great he was. Well, he was great - an amazing man under anyone's standards. But he wasn't the best dad in the world, and actually he did a lot of crappy things to me over the years. I guess maybe reality will set in eventually...

Week One, Finding You

This is my first assignment for the Finding You workshop.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Finding You

I'm taking this online workshop, called Finding You. So I'll use my blog here to post my assignments. Hopefully that will get me back in the swing of things and doing some regular blogging. Lord knows I've been such a slacker with the whole thing!