Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kindred Spirits

This layout is for a challenge I offered for the Outlaw Scrappers Dec-Jan challenge. We're to do something about whom or what inspires us...and once again I arrived at my Grandma Cerretani, my Mom's Mom. She's influenced my life so very much. I've always been so proud to have ingherited her looks, to an extent, as well as a lot of her presence and attitude - which were very intense and commanding. Very alpha, anyways. Grandma was amazing, and I can only hope to accomplish a fraction of what she did in her lifetime. She garnered so much respect from everyone in the family...she was definitely the matriarch, and someone who I've modled myse;f after. Almost not a day goes by that I don't think of her, or what she taught me, or how she's effected the person I have become - or at least hope to...

The V.I.P.

So I have returned from my hiatus. I've been overwhelmed by everything...holidays...c-section...still moving in to the new place. I think I'll be "moving in" for quite a while, at least for the rest of the Winter. Utter chaos in parts of the house, so much that I have to ignore these places, or I might lose it all together. But I've got this new entity in the family to focus on...she is wonderfully sweet and reminds me of my younger sister Annie.