Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Collage #2

Spring Collage: mixed media...vintage linen and snippets of silk, vintage little bitty pearls, transparency, paper, acrylic paint, gesso, vintage music paper.

Birds Nest Necklace

A little bird's nest...hanging from a wire wrapped branch, using crackly bone beads. Polished steel wire. Lovely...


I just started to sell my jewelry at Gallery 41. I am the feature artist there this month, and I have a nice show in the back gallery - both my jewelry and my collage as well. Up on top is my focal piece for my 2D stuff... I used an old chess board, all aged and crackled already for me, and I used an old lithograph print that was falling apart as the background imaging, plus a lot of little thingamajiggies from about my studio...this piece reminds me of my father, who was an attorney.
Pictured in the bottom photo are my hand pounded hoops wired with little sapphire beads - sparkly!