Thursday, September 20, 2007


I've been thinking about the Crusade - the subject is obsession / infatuation / crushes. This one is very thought provoking, to say the least. I've been obsessing about my obsessions all month long. I realized that what DON'T I obsess on? I suppose I am an obsessive person. I am definitley that way with my food. I'll have a few things I love at the moment, and that's pretty much all I want to eat. Like for a while it was Lucky Charms...Instant Oatmeal...then there was those disgustingly fattening frosted sugar cookies (20 pounds later I got over them)...Creme Brulee Haagen Dazs...Tiramisu Haagen Dazs...and lately it's been the Krusteaz cinnamon crumb coffee cake mix. I can't get enough of them. Sometimes I will only be hungry for that. Thank goodness I cook for the fam, or else I'm sure I'd be so malnourished!

One thing for sure, I have always had an ifatuation with Jagermeister. It's the only alcoholic beverage I actually like the taste of. And I have definitely had a few love affairs with it over the years!

I would have to say that my current obsession, artistically, is TRANSPARENCIES. I can barely do a project without using something you can see through. I love the depth and layers. For a while it was chipboard - you should see my collection of chipboard thisses and thats! I think before that it must have been ribbon. I remmeber the ladies at Michael's would say to me, "see you tomorrow!" - when I'd stop in to look at the dollar ribbon rack to find that perefectly matching colored ribbon for the scrapbook layout I'd be working on. I've got so many spools of ribbon that storage is a serious issue for me. Let's see, what else....Ranger Distress Inks...buttons...the list goes on and on...oh yeah - ALPHABETS!! I've got like a zillion alphabets of one kind or another. Rubber stamps, chipboard, stickers - you name it.

One obsession that deserves it's own paragraph is my love for paper. I could just browse and browse through any selection of patterned paper! I love it so much that they are each in themselves a work of art - for under a dollar (usually) - all the styles and textures - I'm like a kid in a candy store. When I buy paper I really like, I'll always get an extra piece so I'll never run out of it! Needless to say, I've got piles of paper all over the place.

Another obsession of mine is magazines. I'm such a sucker for them. I have a zillion of them, in piles all over the place: upstairs, downstairs, by my bed, in the car...I have art mags, tattoo mags, scrapbooking mags, Stampington mags (my fave), gardening mags, food mags, Martha Stewart mags, and several miscellaneous ones as well.

Yes, I am very obsessive. But I embrace it. It makes me who I am. I have been known to obsess on things that may or may not be the best thing to get hung up on...but as I get older and know myself better, I am able to recognize these things before they get the best of me. Most of the time anyways...


Dieverdog said...

I love your comments... made me think of what I love... Lucky Charms is one for me at times, too! And for a while Strawberry Hagen-daz... had to give it up, I think I was gaining weight on it! Another one for me is macaroni and cheese (the good kind, with loads of REAL cheese)... well pretty much anything with lots of cheese is good for me.

As for art, I go in cycles too, liking certain embellishments for a while. Rubber stamps... I have thousands, literally!

Thanks for sharing... this challenge is letting us know so much about eachother, it's great!

michelle ward said...

hang on a sec....did i miss this one? i know i would have commented on the Jagermeister! it's a fave of mine....and i just carved a stamp of the logo. love that starburst and deer head and cross. more and more stuff we have in common sistah!