Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crusade #13

Gotta love Michelle Ward's Crusades!!! This month, "get gothic" was a cinch for problem here finding gothic Halloween imagery around my house!! Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my camera, thus making it impossible for me to share some of the spooky cool Halloween corners around my house. I just love this time of year. I wish it was always Halloween!
I put together these Halloween tags the other night...actually they were the first thing I really made this month...I totally overcomitted myself in September, and ended up with like a zillion deadlines for sept 30th. I was in the weeds to say the least. It took the joy out of creating my art, being under so much pressure like that. And then I went ona bit of a hiatus during October. So thank you once again, Michelle, for the much needed inspiration. I could not resist joining this particular crusade.
I was looking through my collection of free artist papers that come with Somerset Studio and Legacy (memories) - which by the way is the most awesome collection of papers!! I came upon These two sheets that Michelle designed a while back - they are done in nice rich Autumn orange hues - they were PERFECT to use as a base for my little Halloweenies here. How Cool Is That? Gawd, Michelle, what would I ever do without you?


michelle ward said...

hey Mary! i was getting worried about you girl - hadn't seen you post in a long time. glad the crusade got you motivated to share some of your lovely goth-y-ness. stunning tags! thanks for sharing with the street team.

i didn't even recognize the background papers...i'm touched you would use them in your work. bravo for making them 'your own' - something i encourage everyone to do when using commercial papers. xoxo

Babsarella said...

Love your fabulously cool tags!!!

Ariel Gill said...

Hi, Mary, Great tags. I'm so glad you are back with us. I totally get how it is to be over promised. Fill your well with Art -- and Happy Haunting! Ariel

Chris said...

These are SO cool!
Good to find your site.


The Dabbler said...

Bewitching tags!!! Lovely and elegant work full of texture & depth!

Happy Halloween!

A Crusader-in-training,

kathy mccreedy said...

Hi Mary,
Really nice job on the tags... I especially like the one w/the girl in front of the maple leaf, and I love your idea to use black tulle as a ribbon... VERY clever, girl! You sound like a REALLY busy lady, my hat's off to you... lovely artwork! Happy Haunting!

Dieverdog said...

wow, these have to be my most favorite thing I've seen in a while... LOVE 'em, LOVE 'em.... I love tags anyway, but these are just totally awesome! Very inspirational for me!