Sunday, December 02, 2007

Oh So Glitter-y

I've discovered the fun of glittering everything in sight in the name of Christmas. In previous years I've thought of glitter as being a bit tacky...but no it sure isn't!!I've been covered in glitter everywhere. My face, the baby's face, hands, feet, etc. My whole house is all sparkly. i've experimented with a zillion kinds of adhesive and a whole bunch of different glitters. One of the best things I've come up with are glittered prima flowers. I've got there cream colored flowers that look so great with fine glod glitter on them. I used a glue pad (like a stamp pad) - pressed the paper flowers into it, and then dusted with Marths Stweart Smoky Quartz glitter. They look all winter-whitey antique-ish. I glittered little fake ivy leaves, which are cute too. The Provo Craft glue pen works great for fine line glittering. (see the swirls and outlines) I'm making these ornaments for Xmas gifts this year - thanx to Art Chix Studio for such a nice selection of vintage children and angel imagery!

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