Tuesday, December 04, 2007


These are some of the tags I made for an Art-E-Zine swap:"What's Your Tag?" I sent them out a while back - thye were late, but they did get put in the mail...I've been waiting for my stuff to come in the mail...finally I go to the Art-E-Zine site, click to the page with the What's Your Tags, and mine aren't represented there. So I wrote the hostess, and she told me she never got them. NEVER GOT THEM??!! I am very distressed to say the least. I worked so hard on them. And they came out soooo good. And now, to think they have fallen into the wrong hands - well - I'm speechless. I think I may have some kind of jinx when it comes to Art-E-Zine. Of the 4 swaps I've entered, only one has come to fruition. One pkg, that went to Ireland, got there too late because I unknowingly insured it, thus making it so the reciever would have had to pay all this money just to pick it up. So it got sent back. Another, I signed up for and then forgot, so I backed out of it as graciously as I could. And then this! I love art-E-Zine, and I think Gillian Allen is amazing. The fabric tag swap I did there was spectacular. Now I'm almost afraid to join another swap there. But then again I want to just so I can save face. They must think I'm a total flake over there!


Mandy C said...

love your work mary!

Gillian :O) said...

awwww...so sad these gorgeous tags have vanished..they are spectacular!
thankyou for your visit to my blog, and I love your art 2 :)

michelle ward said...

mary - the silver on black elements make these really unique and special. so sorry they vaporized, but yay that your had the intuition to take photos.