Friday, November 30, 2007

What is My Muse?

Michelle's Crusade #14 kept my wheels turning all month long. Till right now, with only 9 minutes left of November. Who is my muse? I could go a million different directions with that. I am influenced by so much - everything around me - but what moves me, from the inside, is my awareness of self. Where I come from, especially the amazing and strong women in my family. I know so many stories of my great grandmothers. My grandmonthers were both very strong forces in my life, and they were both so amazing. The sense of style, and what's what comes from these women. I draw so much power from them. And so much of my identity. So much pride. I look at thier pictures and imagine times past, such cool style. My European background has a huge influence upon my creative spirit too.


michelle ward said...

Mary - are these photos really your family? Classics! I love that you were analyzing your inspiration with 9 minutes to go in November :) Sometimes thinking quickly gives us the most truthful answers. To identify with the matriarchs in your family, and your heritage, and their strength is such a good thing. I have felt the same way and didn't realize what a gift that was until I moved away to college and learned not everyone has the same close ties to family. Being away made me see my family in a much different way not only because of the distance, but because I witnessed some sad stories.

Thanks for joining in and sharing with the team. And thanks for your comment on the S.T. blog *wink* I've missed you.

audrey h. said...

Beautiful post and beautiful pictures :o)