Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This is a rolodex card I did for an Art chix Studio swap. I made 33 of them. It actually didn't take too long to finish them. I love that slogan. I saw it in a CK or MM magazine - someone had a photo of it graffitti'd on a rock with spraypaint as part of a scrapbook layout. It's always stuck in my head. It really applies to me. Art definitely saved my life in a big way. I know I wouldn't have much success in my recovery had I not started doing art again a few years ago. I especially dig the swap thing too. Its so addictive. my atc collection is so rad! Artists from all over the world. I've ended up with collections from a few people. So full of inspiration! One thing though, I could do without some of the problems that happen like sending out a bunch of my creations that I put my heart and soul into... entrusted a complete stranger with my priceless items, only to have them end up M.I.A. Like this fabric tag swap I joined - the deadline was over 2 months ago - the extended dealdline - and nobody's heard from this lady since. A few people have inquired, only to recieve a lofty, bitchy, and sanctimonious reply talking about how bogged down with responsibilitied she is and we're all going to have to wait for her to fit us in somehow. I was on the alternate list for that swap - got in at the last minute - I had exactly 2 weeks to get 10 fabric tags done, and I did, I was able to fit it in among all my responsibilities. I mean, how long does it take to lay out all the tags, divvy up all the piles, and get them in the fricken mail? Come On Now! And then, what am I supposed to do? There's no art swap police to report them to. I even feel weird posting a complaint at the group because I don't want to come off as too uptight...well, I guess I'll give it another week or so...

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Linda said...

Hey.....got your link off our InThisHouse group. Great blog. Wanted to say I understand about sending art stuff off and having it not return. It does happen...but not very often. I moderate some groups and I have dealt with it before. Once I sent artwork to a woman (along with 17 others) and I called her on the phone several times about it. We just gave up on ever getting it back. A YEAR later she sent all of us our swapped out art...no note of apology or anything...but we got them. Don't give up.