Saturday, October 07, 2006

Queen of the Outlaw Scrappers

Well, this Outlaw Scrappers thing seems to have some real possibilities. I've got a bunch of members, posted a challenge, added a link or two, and am diving into this thing wholeheartedly. I'm having a blast and really getting in to being a "moderator" - oh boy, the authority of it all...Now my challenge is to find new and exciting way to bring out the diversity of the group. Should be fun, to say the least!
I've been wanting to take my scrapping to a higher level - to make it more a part of mylivelyhood. I've just been chosen for one of my layouts to be published in Legacy Magazine. Been taking a workshop in Adobe Photoshop, which has been very enriching. Started this Yahoo group. Selling my cretions at a local art mercantile. Actually writing lists of projects I feel obligated to make...
And funny, my husband who gives me grief at home over how much time I spend in my studio - when we go out in public, like for instance last night when we went out for dinner with 11 other people, the first thing he did was brag that I'm the queen of scrapbooking! Funny, the positive reinforcement from him comes once removed. But at least I know it's there...

If I could have spent all night at my desk last night, I would have. Darn neeccessity for sleep.

Here's a nice light hearted layout I did as part of a challenge fromn the last online crop at Scrap 4 Life. This is the first one I've ever done like this - with the quote being pretty much the whole design.

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