Friday, October 13, 2006

Art Hurts

Well, I am so late in my pregnancy that I am totally swollen up, and it's causing me to have severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands. Basically, it pains me to create anything, from typing this blog to doing any of my artwork...But I don't care. I cannot help but spend the precious time every day in my studio that I do. I wouldn't be anywhere close to "sane" if I didn't. Those few hours a day at my desk is what keeps me going, keps me from getting bogged down by the mundane, makes me whole. I am in the process of moving - my house is pretty much all packed - with the exception of my office, which hasn't been touched yet. I can't imagine a day without being able to go in there and see everything, without being able to do any and every kind of project that strikes my fancy. I envision myself, at the very last minute, putting everything in my studio into boxes and rushing it over to the new place and unpacking it all immediately. Never mind my clothes, or the kids' tuff, or the's the essential lifeblood that's really important. I do have my priorities, you know!

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