Monday, August 27, 2007

Adventures With Mica

I've been having a good time working with mica. For the longest time I had ni idea what was so great about it. Till i discovered the joys of transparent layering. I especially like the effect you can get by coloring it. The top ATC has the first layer of mica dyes with alcohol inks, and then the top one was tinted with walnut ink. So great how you can punch hoiles in it so easily. I'm sure stitching would be just as easy...These are among 9 or 10 that I made over the weekend, some of which are for a couple of trades I've got going. The wonderful and talented Belinda Schneider said yes when I asked her to swap atcs - how cool! I really admire her work so much! Also I am working on something for another artist I love: Gillian Allen. She is amazing. She did not end up with oneof my fabric tags from that infamous she sent me hers already - a masterpiece - and I am making one up special for her because I'm not all that thrilled with the 2 I have that I did. Actually they are my least 2 favorites from that whole batch. Funny how they both ended up back with me. I'm glad because that means the other swappers got my better ones.

I am looking forward to the first day of school next week.

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Sarah said...

gorgeous work !!!