Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ice Resin projects

I did a little Ice Resin project yesterday. I had a Monarch butterfly. Such beautiful wings. Pictured above is a monarch wing atop a slice of mica, with a vintage brass clock gear. the toggle with all the little gears is fron Objects and Elements. And the pocket watch casing is from Tim Holz. Fun.


Stacie said...

How beautiful! I have a few tubes of ice resin in my desk that you have just inspired me to take out and play with! What a wonderful way to preserve those beautiful wings!

HannahMary said...

Can I ask how you have embedded the gorgeous wing? You mention Mica, it is sat on top of a slice of mica?
Or is it sandwiched into the resin and the wing in tape?

I hugely appriciate and look forward to your reply.

Many thanks